"That life is significant and should be captured in a way that will stand the test of time.We believe that memories may fade, but beautiful photographs will be passed down from generation to generation"

We believe in trust and taking our time to get to know you. We want this to be a beautiful collaboration –one where you feel comfortable to express your sheer bliss in front of us.
That’s how the magic is made. Those precious moments of shared emotion are something to be revered and observed carefully.

We want you to look back on your wedding photographs in ten or twenty years and see beauty, love and laughter – authentic emotions, caught in the moment and cherished forever in a photograph.
We love simplicity, letting natural light and the colours of nature around us paint the picture. Our photography is classically modern, luxurious and intimate.

we believe

meet the artists

Meet  Kostis & Melina

She is a people’s person – she loves being around others and finds it energising and inspiring.
Fashion and style have always been one of Melina’s big passions, but she tries and find her own, unique ways to follow trends.
Always having loved drawing, she was taught to see life with the eye of a photographer.
Melina has established her own style that compliments Kostis’ aesthetic and together they make a great artistic team.



Meet Melina

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Kostis’ parents bought him his first camera, a Kodak Instamatic when he was twelve and he has been shooting photographs ever since.
Whilst working at a big studio, he was introduced to time-honoured and classic photographic techniques.
He especially loves analogue and film photography. He’ll never say no to a long drive and is very easy-going.
Kostis is passionate about creating art, taking those fleeting moments and turning them into something that will last forever.

analogue lover


Meet  Kostis

see what inspires me

We love authentic, raw, unedited and organic moments, produce, colours and light. 

The historical and time-honoured techniques of the European Renaissance artists

Drawing is another way of capturing life, movement and memories. It’s another way to create art and help us keep our artistic eye focused.

Fashion is so much more than clothes. It is the creation of a moveable, breathable masterpiece that tells the story of the wearer and the creator.

The way light moves, illuminating and dimming to paint light pictures, changing an image from airy to moody and back again. 

The thrill of discovering a new vista, city or place and that ‘coming home’ feeling of visiting a well-loved destination.


Inspiration is the motivator within life and the catalyst
for prodding you forward.

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